mu 发布 1.20 版

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mu 发布 1.20 版


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此版本引入了 Snek 模式,修复了一些小错误,解决了一些可用性问题并调整了一些功能以使事情变得更整洁。大部分工作是在今年夏天在都柏林举行的 EuroPython 2022 代码冲刺中完成的。感谢所有 Mu 的新贡献者。
  • Thanks to @keith-packard for Snek mode. Snek is a Python inspired language for processors too small even to run MicroPython.
  • @tmontes contributed changes so Mu builds to Linux AppImages (an easy way to package application for Linux).
  • Minor fixes by @stratakis in the Russian translation.
  • @carlosperate fixed many minor glitches and gremlins.
  • @carlosperate was on fire 🔥 with fixes needed to ensure Mu continues to work with very old versions of OSX (as used in many educational institutions).
  • Again, thanks to @carlosperate, AppImage with Wayland no longer the setting of an environment variable to make it work properly.
  • The web mode includes simple and easy to use integration with beginner and education friendly web hosts, PythonAnywhere.
  • @agdales, @Jeffrey04, @johannaengland and @AnjaVerboven contributed new messages of the day as part of their onboarding at EuroPython.
  • @tonybaloney contributed several Windows based fixes and clean-ups.
  • @johannaengland and @prcutler were on fire tidying up and fixing docs at EuroPython.
  • A bug was fixed in the web mode relating to the resolution and/or recreation of the assets directory (in which images, css and templates were to be found).
  • Or friend at Adafruit, @tannewt made the necessary changes so Mu handles OSC commands gracefully (see the PR for more details).
  • New contributor, @zigit ensured "Unexpected Maker" based ESP boards are correctly detected.
  • Thanks to @Jayman2000, error messages are correctly capitalized (or not) to avoid potential confusion.



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